21 January, 2024

We bring silk to your home

Live a sensory experience with the new free silk sample card.

I am happy to explain that I am launching a campaign to raise awareness of a silk sample card that will be sent to your home on request. In the same way as with perfumes that you can smell them. In this case, we let you experiment with sight and touch. Experience a sensory experience and order the new free silk sample card.

Let me explain. I have chosen the three types of silk I work with most often: silk crepe, silk chiffon and silk pongee. All silks are 100% natural and I offer them painted by me. They are attached to the card under your name as you can see in the picture.

If you lift the sample, you can read three properties of each silk. I’m sure that once you touch them you will be inspired to add others. I am sure of it!

Order this card with real silks and experiment with your senses. Don’t forget to register first to apply. This sample product will be sent to your home free of charge. So you can see, touch and feel three types of silk and know which one you like best. From the sofa at home, in peace and quiet.

Because there are many and many types of silk and each has its own characteristics. Do you want to know which one is your favourite? Remember that we like to be close to you and that we have an open line to advise you on the one that will suit you best.

Do you have to go to a wedding and don’t know what to wear? Do you have long hair? Are you tall? What is your face colour? And the colour of your eyes? Are you one of those who is funny when you put on your scarves or one of those who needs a hand? Or maybe you have to make a surprise for a friend and you don’t know what will suit her best? Do you want to tell us a bit about your friend? Do you have a photo of her? Do you want us to write a message about silk?

Contact us by phone, via the networks or by email and if you prefer we can do a video conference. Which colour suits you, do you know? We all have a favourite colour that we don’t know why, but we look great. A woman’s intuition is paramount.

A lot has been written about colour theories, but it is important to see how we can get the most out of colours and patterns on a case-by-case basis. But the world of colour is wide enough for me to devote another day to it. Don’t you think? It’s a theme I love! Those of you who know me already know that.

Today I was excited to pass on this novelty to bring silk closer to you at home. I hope you find it interesting and that you will order your sample card online now by clicking here.


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