24 January, 2024

flors de seda


Any handkerchief or scarf can be a silk flower.

It Is an attractive and innovative way to present a piece of artwork in silk to someone important to you.

Give a flower, a scarf and if you want, also a poem.

It can Also be framed or enjoyed as a fashion complement.

The Silk flower is a creation of 2008. Born from a dream I had a night of inspiration: a silk scarf wrapped in a flower shape.

The first idea was growing and I later introduced the written poems by hand.

In the year 2009, I managed the Community patent, currently in force, and the registration of design in the Society of authors.


There are many occasions to give and to be original with what We give. In Catalonia We have the Sant Jordi Day, a brilliant occasion to give the Rose and the book in a single gesture. We can Also give a silk flower the day of the mother, for a birthday, by gratitude or simply because you want to surprise a person.


Over the years, the clients themselves have been growing the initial idea of the silk flower.

Many of you have come up with an idea or a personal writing, an own poem or the text of an author. And you’ve made it possible for many of these flowers to come to the hand of someone important.

Please Ask and you will be granted. We Fulfill your desire!

You can choose one of our authors or you can send your poem.

I Have the copyrights of three Catalan poets: Miquel Martí i Pol, Valerià Pujol and Vicenç Llorca. You can read the poems written in each author’s scarf and choose.

We Have poetic silk flowers in six colours: black, grey, burdeus, lilac, mauve and red. It’s a silk-scarf pongé N º 8 of 55x55cm

This Silk Flower has been a gift to many political and cultural personalities of our country



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