“For me, home is the space that nourishes and inspires me”.

25 January, 2024


It is a pleasure to share that I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Asha Miró, great writer, professional and wonderful person, and I want to express my deep gratitude for this enriching experience also to API Catalunya, great professionals:

Anna Albert is an artisan of silk and at the same time of life. She paints the silks with delicacy, perseverance and passion, he vindicates and highlights the dignity and pride of the artisan’s work, which provides unique and unrepeatable pieces. Anna’s works are full of colour, joy and harmony. It has evolved and continues to experiment without faltering, innovating with new themes, new works of art and fashion. Her pieces with a modernist essence can be found in the shops of many of the most visited museums in the city of Barcelona. She has become a reference with a lot of recognition for her long career.

  • How do you define yourself?

I am a creative, active and positive person, committed to my desires and to improving the world we live in. Professionally I am a textile artist, craftswoman and designer.

  • What is home/house for you?

The house for me is synonymous with a nest. Home at this time in my life is my workshop because there is so much good energy and it is a space that nourishes and inspires me.

  • How did you discover your vocation?

I think I have always carried my vocation inside me, but it came out strongly when I had my first child and I slowed down the pace of my work, at that time working in mental health centres as a social worker.

  • Were you always supported in your vocation at home?

Clearly I can answer with a capital “yes”.

  • What is craftsmanship for you?

Create with hands and heart but not only. For me craftsmanship is craft, tradition, culture and a way of living and being connected to the world.

  • Talking about the first times…how was your first day painting on silk? How did you first choose your home?

The two questions have very similar answers, strangely enough. The day I painted silk for the first time I felt I was caught by its magic and I have never left it again. That was more than 25 years ago. And as for my house, I also knew immediately that it was for me and I have been living in the same nest for more than 30 years now.

  • Explain to us why you decided to take up silk art and dedicate yourself to it? What was your purpose?

I had been working in the social field for 10 years, for which I had spent years of training. But I also had this creative restlessness and had studied textile printing for a year at the age of 19. I took up the thread again in 1998, I went to train in different artists’ and craftsmen’s workshops and that’s how I started this trade that has given me so many positive things. To talk about purpose would be a bit long-winded, but I like to say that putting colour in the lives of others gives meaning to what I do.

  • You opened a showroom – workshop… It’s your corner.

I started in 1998 and in 2001 I opened a workshop and showroom to receive clients, paint and exhibit the finished work.

  • How do you feel in front of a blank silk?

It is difficult to explain, but it is usually a moment of mixed feelings of freedom and at the same time a pleasant uneasiness. It’s a pleasure! I love to watch the paint run and play at mixing colours.

  • What is your working process?

First I make the design, paint with the techniques appropriate to my objective and then fix the colour at high temperature for about 80 minutes. I then wash the piece and each one requires a particular finish. For example, scarves are sewn by hand or silks are sewn by fanning and the wood has to be starched, pleated and glued to the fabric.

To read the whole interview, you can find it HERE, and to see more of my blog posts HERE.

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