23 January, 2024

mocadors de seda

Have you ever tried wearing a silk scarf on your head?

Let’s leave behind the summer where we have tried to wear a silk scarf as a sarong on the beach or tied on the head and also between the hair in a casual way.

We have also seen how the same scarf can be worn casually to work and can also be worn on a night out.

In autumn, the weather is changeable and the scarf is theideal complement that allows you to leave the house first thing in the morning wearing it around your neck, passing to wear it as a belt in warmer weather or to wear it on your head if the cold or the occasion of change of look demands it.

Today we propose different ways to wear a headscarf.

It’s very simple. And you can also make it more sophisticated. Have you tried it?

Do you dare?

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