Silk scarf with red hearts

Size 150×45



Natural silk red hearts scarf, ideal as a Valentine’s Day gift. Handmade from the finest natural silk, each piece captures the elegance and beauty of nature. From its exceptional softness to its stunning colours, every detail is designed to make you feel special and captivate everyone around you.

It has also been hand painted like everything you will find in this shop.

It is the perfect complement to any outfit, whether casual or formal, but also a charming gift for Valentine’s Day, or to give to yourself or to those you care about the most. Your individuality will stand out thanks to the bright colours and intricate detailing of this unique scarf.

I have left it with the white background of the silk, which contrasts with the red hearts of different sizes and is beautifully highlighted with a golden thread. A fine, transparent silk that is a caress for the neck and the soul. Discover the art of natural silk and get a scarf that speaks of your elegance and good taste.

If you liked the natural silk hearts scarf, here you will find one that you will love!

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