Muslin silk scarf inspired by Art Nouveau stained glass windows

Sizes 150×45

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Natural silk stained glass scarf, inspired by Gaudi’s modernist stained glass windows. An inspiration from the colourful trencadís of our Catalan heritage. Bright colours and the delicacy of natural silk combine in this spectacular scarf inspired by the majesty of stained glass. Each piece of silk is more than just a piece of clothing; it is a work of art that reflects beauty and elegance in every detail.

I am particularly fond of this silk muslin scarf because it is one of the first trencadis designs I made. It is therefore a classic in my career.

As a lover of modernism and the world of colour, this piece integrates both, always following my inspiration. It does not reproduce any of Gaudí’s modernist works but its spirit can be glimpsed. It is part of a collection of three Gaudinian scarves.

Subtle, light and soft, it is a very timeless scarf and neutral enough to cover all ages and occasions.

The white background contrasts with the whole chromatic range of the trencadis on both sides of the scarf.

I have presented it on several occasions folded like a silk flower, which is very spectacular.

This natural silk scarf made of stained glass can be combined with the COLOURFUL BRITTLE fan.

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