White muslin silk scarf with contrasting colours.

Size 150×45.

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Hand-painted natural silk scarf round with large, brightly coloured spots.

Thin, soft and transparent, which makes it elegant and sensual at the same time.

Inspired by the stars that follow an orbit around the planet. A look from fantasy.

It is a timeless scarf in a very portable size. Tied at the neck it gives colour to the face and worn wide open it complements very well with neutral, white or black clothes.

This hand-painted natural silk scarf has been kept with the white colour of the silk as a background for a fantasy design where I play with irregular rounds to simulate the stars that surround us. They travel individually and have their own light and colour that characterises them.

I have used muslin silk or xiffon gauze because its characteristics of transparency and softness fully evoke the idea of movement and make it more volatile.

We let the spectator also play with his fantasy and imagine this universe of colours.

What would we do in a world without colours?

This scarf matches the RAINBOW fan.

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