Pastel Emerald Mousseline silk Scarf and flowers enammed with the background.

Size 180×55.

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Green natural silk scarf of very generous size, ideal as a complement to a cocktail or party outfit. This Handkerchief also complements perfectly your outfit casual wear.

Muslin silk or chiffon is a sweet, vaporous and transparent silk, a caress that envelops the body and soul. Refreshing in summer nights and warm in the coldest times.

The Turquoise or emerald green colour is a color that evokes the heavenly sea, in warm, transparent waters and gives a sensation of depth. Its pastel but further strengthens this association and gives us peace and tranquility.

The flowers are enamed with the background and in the center I put a darker green to play with the contrast.

I love to paint flowers and this design specifically, it is a classic in my creative trajectory.

In fact, artists of all ages have expressed themselves through flowers. In Barcelona you just have to stroll around and admire the modernist architecture, enjoying the countless floral motifs so common in Gaudi’s work, which cover façades, mosaics, paintings and stained-glass windows.

We are surrounded by flowers in art, in fabrics, in decoration, because flowers are the joy of nature.

In addition, with the matching fan, the FLOWERS EMERALD FAN, this green natural silk scarf looks spectacular.

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