Silk crepe scarf with floral motifs in dark green and emerald colours.

Sizes 180×45.

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A natural silk scarf with discreet and elegant green flowers, made from crêpe silk which gives it quality and body.

Silk, noble and delicate, becomes a witness to elegance and finesse in this fascinating scarf adorned with the timeless beauty of hand-painted green flowers. Each piece of silk is a work of art, fusing the softness of nature with masterful craftsmanship. It is more than just an article of clothing; it is a living expression of the beauty that surrounds us.

Therefore, it is designed for the woman who is looking for an exclusive and different fashion accessory.

On one side, a party of small flowers that play with the two colours of the background and, on the other side, the detail of a few flowers that balance the whole.

In addition, there are two contrasts of greens, one dark and the other pale and soft, which exudes calm and harmony. Nature seeks its own balance and here it offers it to us in the form of a fashion accessory to wrap a woman with personality.

Artists of all ages have been inspired by flowers. In my case, floral modernism has been a reference that accompanies me and from which much of my inspiration flows.

Nature, color and fantasy are in this work and invite us to enjoy what surrounds us.

This natural silk scarf with green flowers can be combined with the EMERALD FAN.

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