Crepe silk scarf with burgundy and red flowers and a background of both colours.

Sizes of 150cm

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Natural silk scarf with burgundy flowers.

This natural silk scarf with burgundy flowers is designed for a bold yet elegant woman.

Whether for a special occasion or for everyday use, this scarf is a symbol of good taste and refinement. It is the perfect fusion of art and fashion, a work of art that unfolds when worn and captivates the eye with its own story of beauty and elegance.

In addition, it is made with silk crepe to give light and strength to the colours and to enjoy this fabric with body and drape.

The two colours of the background, painted with a brush, give strength and personality to the flowers painted with both colours. The burgundy inspires serenity and has a more conservative connotation and it balances gently, an active and wild red.

Large flowers that go from side to side of the scarf, accompanied by leaves painted with two shades of green and reminding us that nature is full of life.

I can understand so many artists of all ages who have been carried away by the magic of flowers in their work. In my case, floral modernism has been a reference that accompanies me and from which much of my inspiration flows.

Nature, color and fantasy are in this work and invite us to enjoy what surrounds us.


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