200x90cm silk pongé shawl made with the Batik technique creating a leaf print with all the colours of autumn.


Natural silk shawl autumn leaves.

Did you know that this shawl is the protagonist of the dance that the actress Clara Sánchez-Castrodóna brings to life in the middle of nature in the forests of Olot?

Video of the Dance to Nature


Can you feel the music of dance in the wind?

Do you feel the soft and warm caress of silk on your face?

Do you feel the freedom that nature gives you?

More than a silk shawl, a pampering of your essence as a free and vital woman.

This 200x90cm shawl is a unique hand-painted piece and the main technique is batik, a practice originating in Indonesia that uses hot wax and paraffin as a reserve for the colour. After a laborious work, this piece is born and wants to fly very high.

Do you want to fly high too? With this natural silk shawl autumn leaves you will feel like your feet don’t touch the ground.

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