Abstract crêpe silk Scarf.

Sizes 180×45.

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This abstract natural silk scarf has a size that allows it to be worn in many ways.

It Is an extremated model for the strength and colors it deploys. All hand strokes based on thicknesses and colors.

I have made it with silk crepe because it has a lot of body and falling and the colours become very explosive. The abstract design of this scarf transports you into a world of artistic freedom. The evocative shapes and vivid colour palette invite imagination and creativity. In fact, its versatility allows you to combine it with a wide range of outfits.

Inspired by a fantasy world, almost dreamlike, where the colours sway you and transport you to paradise. What would we do in a world without colours? Without colour there is no joy.

Thought for a daring woman and lover of color. Whether you want to highlight your elegance or simply add a splash of colour to your everyday life, our abstract natural silk scarf is the perfect choice. Let this work of art accompany you and allow you to express your individuality and unique style in every movement and every occasion. This scarf is not only a fashion accessory, but an expression of your true essence.

What’s more, this scarf goes with the ABSTRACT FAN

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