Silk satin georgette shawl with modernist-inspired design

Measures 180×90

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Elegant natural silk shawl with snails. The natural silk shawl is much more than just a garment; it is an expression of refinement and sophistication. Every detail of this exquisite piece bears witness to first-class craftsmanship and a love of quality.

I have made this spectacular shawl with silk of excellent quality. Made from pure and delicate silk, this shawl embodies lightness and softness. In addition, the silky softness is a caress for the skin, providing a feeling of unparalleled luxury. Its refined texture is as delicate as a caress of butterflies, offering comfort and elegance at every moment.

It is full-bodied, but with a hint of transparency, and its falling texture is a real luxury.

Modernist-inspired borders and fantasies design this work to be worn on a special occasion. Bordeaux and maroon are the two background colours that enhance the detailed work of the shawl, which contains a multitude of colours and shades.

This silk shawl evokes balance, elegance and serenity. Moreover, its versatility makes it the perfect accessory for any occasion. For an elegant evening out, a casual get-together or simply to add a touch of class to your everyday life, this shawl ticks all the boxes.

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