How to care for your silk scarf?

26 March, 2024

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Care instructions for your natural silk scarf

Step 1: Preparing the Wash

To ensure optimal curing of the piece, start by filling a container with cold water. Make sure you select a quality neutral soap that is gentle on your silk.

Preparació del Rentat

Step 2: Manual Washing

Immerse the part in the soap solution, making sure to cover it completely. Wash with gentle movements without rubbing vigorously to prevent possible damage to the fibres.

Rentat Manual

Step 3: Rinse

When the piece is clean, rinse it thoroughly with cold water to remove any soap residue. Repeat this rinsing process until the water runs completely clear, indicating that all the soap has been removed.

Pas 3: Esbandida

Step 4: Draining

Carefully squeeze the excess water out of the piece without twisting it excessively. Press gently to remove as much water as possible and facilitate the drying process.


Step 5: Drying

Place the piece on a clean, flat towel, spreading it out carefully to maintain its original shape. Avoid hanging it up.

Mocador assecat

Step 6: Ironing

When the piece is still slightly damp, iron it inside out to avoid damaging the delicate details and edges. Set the griddle to medium heat and avoid flattening the edges.

Mocador planxar

Step 7: Storage

When the piece is completely dry and ironed, store it in a cool, dry place, preferably hanging on a hanger or folded neatly in a drawer. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or humid environments to prolong its shelf life and maintain its quality.


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