7 August, 2023

Ways to wear a silk scarf. Ideas for combining your scarves.

Today I am going to explain you different ways to wear a silk scarf. Ideas for combining your scarves, the most versatile accessory you can have in your wardrobe.

Well, it’s spring and it will soon be summer and we will be looking forward to going out and meeting our friends.
We’re so keen to get out and about and start getting out of the teleworking uniform that some ideas are sure to come to mind.

I’ve prepared some ideas to combine your scarves in different ways so that you can always give your look your own touch, whether it’s during the day, in the afternoon or evening, or whether you’re wearing a sporty or cocktail outfit.

The scarf is the most versatile accessory you can have in your wardrobe and if you still haven’t taken advantage of it now you have the opportunity to wear it in many different ways. Discover the 1001 shapes and learn how to play with the ones you have in different sizes.

Stand in front of a mirror and learn without complexes.

Here is the video I have prepared for you and then I will give you some more ideas for you to rehearse. Many of you have told me that you don’t have the grace to wear a scarf or that you don’t know how to do it very well. Do not despair. Grace is found by practising and daring a little.


Do you know how empowered wearing a headscarf makes you feel? Leave the shame for others and enjoy being yourself.

A few months ago with a community of creative women to which I belong, we empowered ourselves together to celebrate women’s day. And do you know how we did it? With a headscarf. And in the head, above all, it empowers.

You can see us here or on the website of this community of beautiful projects where we women like to take care of ourselves and undertake our own projects as women. Can you imagine yourself now with your headscarf on your head and raising your fist!

If you’ve already tried wearing a headscarf, you can also try it as the model in the video does with the colourful floral scarves. It uses two funny ways that can be very useful when you don’t have much time to dress up but you want to get out of the typical knot in front of your chest.

Have you ever used your belt scarf to decorate your suit or trousers? Practical and very original! Try and find your best way to wear them.

Another way I find it ideal is to carry it as an ornament in a bag.
Have you seen my two suggestions for carrying the scarf in your bag? In this case you need a small scarf of 55×55 or smaller will also work.

An elegant and distinguished way to wear at an event is to use the scarf attached to the handle of the bag as if you were lining it. Tie the scarf with a knot at one end and fold it over to the other end. This way you can combine it with a shawl in similar colours, with earrings or simply with the colour of your shoes.

If you don’t want to go that fancy, simply tie the scarf to the handle of your beach bag or your favourite bag with a knot. It gives him the touch of a detail-oriented and original person.

And with a small scarf, you can also make a bracelet.

Oh! And for going to the beach, make a note to put the scarf on your hat or wear your shawl tied behind your neck like a suit.

In the video I give you some more ideas so you can play with your scarves, whether they are made of silk or other fabrics. Of course, if they are made of silk and hand-painted, the distinction and exclusivity is more than assured.

Here’s another idea using two contrasting scarves. You put them together and combine them folded.

Do you dare to tell me which way you prefer to wear your scarf?

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