Muslin silk scarf inspired by the trencadís of the Parc Guell in Barcelona.

Midas de 150×40

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Discover elegance and sophistication with our new sustainable silk scarf inspired by the Parc Güell Dragon. Meticulously crafted, this unique piece captures the majesty and magic of Barcelona’s modernist art.

Our scarf is made from natural and sustainable silk, ensuring not only an exquisite look but also an environmentally friendly choice. Each piece is unique, with handcrafted details that highlight our dedication to quality and sustainability.

The Dragon of Parc Güell, an architectural icon created by the genius Antoni Gaudí, comes to life in this scarf, transporting you to the magical lands of Catalan modernism. The rich hues and flowing lines reflect the beauty of the architecture, while the softness of the silk provides a light and luxurious feel.

It is part of a collection of three muslin scarves inspired by Gaudi.

The background is the white of the silk and on one side there is the contrasting coloured trencadis.

Subtle, light and soft, it is a very timeless scarf and neutral enough to cover all ages and occasions.

This sustainable silk scarf parc güell can be combined with the PARC GÜELL BARCELONA fan.

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