Natural silk and pear wood fan.

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Discover the freshness and elegance of natural silk with our fan inspired by the magnificent Parc Güell in Barcelona. Meticulously crafted, this fan captures the beauty and charm of the famous park, using vivid colours and handcrafted details to transport you to this architectural icon of the city.

Each fan is a unique masterpiece, made from the finest natural silk. The soft, lightweight fabric offers a comforting feel while cooling you down on hot days. The detailed design reflects the inspiration of Parc Güell, with shapes, patterns and colours reminiscent of the mosaics and modernist art of Gaudí’s park.

This fan is more than a practical tool to combat the heat; it is a piece of art that allows you to take a little piece of the magic of Parc Güell wherever you want.

Let yourself be seduced by the grace and distinction of this natural silk fan inspired by Parc Güell. Experience comfort and elegance in a single gesture, transporting you into the exquisite artistic world of Barcelona. Delve into the uniqueness of this creation and refresh yourself with style and distinction with this unique and exquisite fan.

Made with passion and inspiration, unique handmade piece, completely handcrafted.

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