Scarf inspired by the seabed of our Mediterranean.

Silk pongee

Size 180×45



Natural silk fish scarf. Natural silk scarves are jewels of craftsmanship that combine elegance and beauty. If you are looking for a unique piece to enhance your look and express your personality, look no further. Our handmade natural silk scarves are the perfect choice.

Scarf inspired by the seabed of our Mediterranean. A wealth of textures, colours and marine life is what this hand-painted natural silk accessory conveys. Natural silk is known for its softness, lustre and comfort. In addition, each silk thread is carefully woven to bring to life our unique designs inspired by the beauty of the underwater world and its inhabitants, such as fish.

What’s more, this natural silk fish scarf is part of the Mediterranean silk collection, an attractive proposal that was presented in the surroundings of the Port of Masnou among boats and the special light of the Maresme.

This design is available as a 180x45cm scarf or in a generous 200x90cm shawl, a spectacular size that really makes you feel surrounded by the sea.

Blues, greens, turquoises, earth colours and coral. Combinable both in summer and winter.

Designed both as a painting and as a fashion accessory.

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