Women’s bag silk leaves.

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Discover the true elegance and craftsmanship of our handmade women’s bag silk leaves. Each piece of this marvel is a unique work of art, made with high quality natural silk and unlimited creativity.

Silk, known as the “queen of fibres”, offers incomparable softness and lightness, and this bag is no exception. Because of this, each silk thread is delicately woven by the expert hands of dedicated artisans, who use traditional techniques to create a piece that will endure over time.

The leaf design, with its vibrant colours and meticulous detailing, captures the beauty of nature and transforms it into a functional work of art. Leaves are a symbol of new opportunities, growth and connection to nature, and this bag is an extension of these values.

Bag printed with fantasy nature leaves and with painted silks and other textures. Unique piece with its details that make it different and original. The handle is for crossing and can be adapted according to height. In this case I made it with the same black lonet clothes as the back of the bag.

In addition, the interior is lined and has a double pocket. There are also two labels, one inside and one hanging from the zip, with a writing that certifies that you are looking at a unique piece that has been pampered with all the details by the author.

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