Printed bag with silk appliqués



Discover the elegance and beauty of our exclusive printed natural silk bag, a true treasure handmade from the finest silk. With a touch of luxury and an impeccable print, this bag captures the essence of art and fashion.

A unique handmade piece made from recycled painted silks and other fabrics. Fancy design and full of colours to make you feel unique and original.

Natural silk is a noble and luxurious material, known for its softness and lustre. Our natural silk bag is the perfect accessory for all occasions, from the most elegant parties to a casual day of shopping.

I like to create pieces that you can’t find anywhere, so I make very limited collections and always want to innovate. The back fabric is black canvas, as is the cross strap. This strap is tied with a knot on both sides so that if you want to wear the bag as a party baguette, you can remove the knots and the strap. Inside is lined and has two pockets. It also has a zip.

This natural silk bag printed with silk appliqués is inspired by the wheel of life and the cycles of nature, so the design is like a spiral of colours that gives us the idea of movement and transformation.

When you choose our printed natural silk bag, you are choosing quality, beauty and sustainability. Made with love and passion for fashion, this bag is a statement of taste and unique style. Make it your favourite companion and experience the beauty of natural silk with every step.

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