Handmade bag for women. Printed bag with silk appliqués


Handmade bag for women. Printed bag with silk appliqués Wheel of Life

This handmade bag for women is a printed bag with silk appliqués and a unique piece created in Barcelona, in my workshop, by recycling painted silks and other fabrics.

I like to create pieces that you can’t find anywhere, so I make very limited collections and always want to innovate. The back fabric is black canvas, as is the cross strap. This strap is tied with a knot on both sides so that if you want to wear the bag as a party baguette, you can remove the knots and the strap. Inside is lined and has two pockets. It also has a zip.

This printed bag with silk appliqués is inspired by the wheel of life and the cycles of nature, so the design is like a spiral of colours that gives us the idea of movement and transformation. It is a fantasy design and full of colours to make you feel unique and original.

This bag doesn’t need very special care even if it’s carrying hand-painted silks. You can wash it by machine and by hand. Better with cold water. Like all your clothes, if you wash them carefully, you extend their life and they thank you for it. I always say take care of your bag like you look after you, with pampering and love. If you do so, it will certainly thank you for it.

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