Cloth bag for woman Spring

This bag of clothes for woman Spring has applications of hand-painted silks that I have painted in my workshop at Masnou Artenseda and I have also put other textures with which I have made these spring flowers. A unique bag to you, a woman who likes to wear different clothes and wants unique fashion and quality add-ons.

This collection is the result of using offcuts of painted silks, wool, ribbons and other painted fabrics that I recycle to create these bags. Ideal for a woman who lives by values such as sustainability and recycling to improve the planet’s environmental conditions.

This bag of clothes for woman Spring wears an outside zipper and has a long handle to carry as a bandit cross- or shoulder. The interior is lined and carries two pockets. The back is a lonet like the cross strip.

It’s a bag that doesn’t weigh, very light, practical to carry the necessary things and has more capacity than it appears to.

It is very easy to care for and maintain. In fact, no special care is needed when washing it. You can wash it by hand or machine even though any piece of clothing if you look after it with spoilt and love you extend his life. Take care of her as you’d care for and it’ll thank you.

If you’re thinking about whether something can happen to silk when washing it, I have to say to you emphatically not. You need to know that I first fix all the pieces that I paint at high temperature and then wash and iron without any problem to get you all the guarantees of quality.

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