Cotton and silk bag, inspired in modernism.

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This coloured cotton silk bag has an ideal size, neither too big nor too small. It allows for more things than it appears to. It can be worn across the body but you can also remove the handle and hold it in your hand if you want to carry it as an informal cocktail bag.

The front is a cotton print where I have sewn different types of painted silks, coloured wool, silk ribbons also painted and some other watermarks playing with textures, shapes and colours. The entire collection is inspired by the shapes of modernist snails, and silk textures are mixed in as if they were small braids or wavy shapes. Stitched with different embroidery stitches, some with stitches, some with buttons, some with buttons, some with various fantasies.

The back and the long handle are made of black canvas. The handles end with a knot on both sides, so it can be easily shortened if needed.

The inside of the coloured silk cotton bag is lined and has a pocket.

It has two labels, one inside and one hanging from the zip with a written statement certifying that this is a unique piece that the author has taken care of in every detail.

It is an original and useful accessory designed to please the woman who is looking for exclusive accessories. Unique piece!

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