Hand-made cloth bag inspired by the Mediterranean Sea


Hand-made cloth bag inspired by the Mediterranean Sea

Hand-made cloth bag with painted silks and other blue-inspired fabrics in the Mediterranean Sea. Handmade in my workshop at El Masnou in Barcelona.

Single piece with silks and other details that make it different and original. The handle is for crossing and can be adapted according to height. In this case I made it with the same black lonet clothes as the back of the bag. The interior is lined and has a double pocket.

This blue cloth design bag bears two labels, an inside and a zipper hang with a writing certifying that you are standing in front of a single piece spoilt with all the details by the author.

In order to make this bag, I have taken account of the use of cut-outs that I produce when I paint silk and I have also painted a silk in particular, where I draw waves that simulate our Mediterranean. It is a collection that was born to avoid creating waste and is ideal for a woman who identifies with the values of sustainability and recycling.

This bag doesn’t need very special care even if it’s carrying hand-painted silks. You can wash it by machine and by hand. Better with cold water. Like all your clothes, if you wash it carefully, you extend his life and thanks you. I always say take care of your bag like you look after you, with pampering and love. If you do that, I’m sure it’ll thank you.

If you want to see another bag option but where red colors dominate you can click here

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