Red cloth silk bag. Sustainable handbag.


Red fabric silk bag painted and elaborated with other fabrics. All handmade with an original and unique design.

Discover the elegance and luxury of our handmade red silk bag, a work of fashion art that combines exquisite craftsmanship with nature itself. Each piece of this bag bears witness to the meticulous handwork and supreme quality of natural silk.

The handle is for crossing and can be adapted according to height. In this case I have made it with the same black canvas clothes as the last one. The interior is lined and has a double pocket.

This red fabric bag with silks is a unique piece and therefore you will not find any other.

I have used offcuts of silk and other sustainable materials, taking advantage of recycling. Therefore, in addition to its beauty and elegance, our silk bag is also a testament to our commitment to sustainability. The use of natural handmade silk means an eco-friendly production process that respects nature.

In short, our handmade red silk bag is not only a fashion accessory, but a work of art, a witness of elegance and a statement of your environmental awareness. This high quality piece is much more than a bag; it is an investment in your own beauty and in the preservation of nature. Wear red silk and live the art of fashion with our handmade natural silk bag.

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