Cotton and silk bag

Small size 20x16cm

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Women’s cotton silk bag butterflies.

This pouch has the ideal size to carry your mobile phone, keys and wallet.

The front is a cotton print with colourful butterflies printed on it. Applications in the form of fantasy flowers are painted silks and other textures such as wool, buttons or glitter.

This collection is born with the confinement and the beginning of spring. I bought the clothes on a trip to Nice and now it’s time to use them. But since there were only a few metres, the one I have on display is all I will have. It is an extremely limited collection of unique and very unique pieces.

The back and the long handle are made of black canvas and the handles end with a knot on both sides, so that it can be easily shortened if needed.

The interior of the women’s cotton silk butterflies bag is lined and has a double pocket. It also has two labels, one inside and one hanging from the zip with a writing that certifies that this is a unique piece that has been pampered in every detail by the author.

It is an original and useful accessory designed to please the woman who is looking for exclusive accessories.

Unique piece!


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