Violet poetic mask


Silk and cotton mask

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This violet poetic mask is a unique piece of hand-painted natural silk.

The inside is made of black cotton and the elastic drawstring is in the same colour.

It has an opening for a filter if you prefer. But you should know that silk is antibacterial and repels external agents while being breathable and natural.

Hand and machine washable.

The face mask has become a complement of our daily life and that is why we offer you a diversity of designs and colours so that you can combine it with your outfit.

If you want a matching scarf or a special colour or print, please contact me and I will make it to measure.

Be original and different!

Stylish masks for unique people, which do not have to be merely functional, but can also be works of art that express our individuality and personality.

This purple poetic mask has a design that is no accident. It was born out of the demand to put words to this situation of having to keep our mouths shut.

We accept, for health! But we don’t want to be silenced. The words keep coming out of our mouths, they make us pounds!

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