Buff polar fleece ochre and silk brushed in shades of blue.

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The ocean blue buff is a palette of shades reminiscent of the various moods of the ocean. From the vibrant turquoise of coastal waters to the deep indomitable bruising of the deepest seas. Wearing this buff is like carrying a piece of the ocean with you, a constant reminder of the majesty of the waters that embrace our planet.

Imagine the waves gently dancing in the moonlight as you gaze out at our buff ocean, as if you were part of the same sea dance. This unique piece is not only a fashion statement, but also a sensory experience that will connect you with the serenity and endless energy of water.

Here we present it in an innovative way by mixing fleece and hand-painted silk, finding the right balance between warmth and an original colourful accessory. Not only are you acquiring a unique piece of fashion, but also a connection to the refreshing and rejuvenating essence of the ocean. Take this opportunity now to embrace style and coolness with our blue buff. Let yourself be carried away by the waves of oceanic fashion.

The buff or neck warmer is useful and practical in cold weather. It allows us to wear it in different ways, some more for sport, others more for dress.

Designed for young and not so young people.

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