Buff fleece and painted silk mask and water-repellent cotton in between to protect you from the cold and the coronavirus.

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Discover the Magic of Natural Silk: Natural silk buff landscape

Buff natural silk landscape is made of natural silk, with its richness and luxuriousness, it is a witness of art and nature coming together to create a landscape of exceptional colours and textures. In this fast-moving world, there’s nothing like a handmade natural silk buff to transport you to a land of visual and tactile wonder. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique experience as you immerse yourself in the richness of a buff of natural silk, woven and hand-painted.

Fleece and silk buff painted with water-repellent cotton in between to serve as a mask as well. Good idea, right?

With this buff you do NOT have to wear a mask!!!

This buff is made of fleece and hand-painted silk and between the two fabrics there is water-repellent cotton that protects us completely against the coronavirus. The silk is also antibacterial and the fleece is warm enough for the colder seasons. So you don’t have to wear the mask if you choose this buff as a complement for this autumn winter. I have thought of it as a complement that protects you from the cold and external agents. On one side there is a rubber band to measure it.

A Visual and Tactile Journey

Each natural silk buff we offer is like an open window to the natural world. The lands where our silks are produced are true treasures of biodiversity and beauty. Each buff captures this beauty in a mosaic of colour and detail, reflecting the richness of landscapes around the world. Whether it’s a tropical paradise with palm trees and exotic birds, a mountain scene covered in wildflowers or a tranquil river reflecting the blue sky, each buff will take you to a unique and magical place.

In fact, you can wash it without any problems. Fleeces of different colours and silks in unique prints painted by me. Which one is your favourite?

Have you thought about giving yourself a practical gift for the festive season that is also unique and made by an artisan? Do you want to buy this one for yourself and give another one as a gift?

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Now more than ever, support local crafts and small businesses. Beautiful and quality things.

I have painted this natural silk buff landscape in many colours and therefore it can be combined with everything. If you wear it with a jumper or a single-coloured coat, this buff is ideal for you. Cheerful and original at the same time.

Ahh!! and know that it’s very easy to wash. It’s wash and put.

If you liked this buff, you’ll love this one!

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