Silk pongee shawl painted with impressionist flowers.

Size 180×90.

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Discover Exquisite Elegance with Natural Silk Shawl With Painted Flowers

The natural silk shawl with painted flowers is a masterpiece that fuses the delicacy of silk with the vibrancy of nature. It is a unique piece, created with precision and craftsmanship to bring a dose of elegance to every occasion. Each hand-painted flower represents the splendour of spring, captured in a light and soft fabric.

With an exquisite colour palette, this shawl conveys the essence of spring all year round. The flowers, with their subtle and vibrant detailing, bring the silk to life, creating a portable work of art. This shawl is much more than a piece of costume; it is an expression of natural beauty and a witness to artisan craftsmanship.

This colourful and fanciful field of flowers is a song of spring.

Inspired by impressionist gestures but with a very personal stroke.

A very large shawl size, to wrap a tall woman with personality.

Be captivated by the natural charm and splendour of silk with this shawl, a work of art that highlights the beauty of nature and elevates any style with a touch of distinction.

This shawl can also be combined with the IMPRESSIONIST FLOWERS FAN.

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