Green silk muslin scarf with clusters and poetry.

Size 180×55

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Natural silk scarf bunches. In addition, it has been hand-painted.

Firstly, this scarf is generously sized with gesturally drawn cluster motifs. It is also a unique piece!

Secondly, it is a small tribute to our home wine culture.

Thirdly, I have written a poem inspired by the vineyards and our Mediterranean, by Josep Mª de Segarra (Barcelona 1894-1961).

Fourthly, the landscape he describes conveys the pleasure of living. But not only this, but also optimism and beauty.

Lastly, the poem was written in the early 20th century. Moreover, the vineyards we are talking about can be found on the Costa Brava.

Below is the poem Green Vines, and I hope you like it!


Vinyes verdes vora el mar,
ara que el vent no remuga,
us feu més verdes i encar
teniu la fulla poruga,
vinyes verdes vora el mar.

Vinyes verdes del coster,
sou més fines que la userda.
Verd vora el blau mariner,
vinyes amb la fruita verda,
vinyes verdes del coster.

Vinyes verdes, dolç repòs,
vora la vela que passa;
cap al mar vincleu el cos
sense decantar-vos massa,
vinyes verdes, dolç repòs.

Vinyes verdes, soledat
del verd en l’hora calenta.
Raïm i cep retallat
damunt la terra lluenta;
vinyes verdes, soledat.

Vinyes que dieu adéu
al llagut i a la gavina,
i al fi serrellet de neu
que ara neix i que ara fina…
Vinyes que dieu adéu!

Vinyes verdes del meu cor…
Dins del cep s’adorm la tarda,
raïm negre, pàmpol d’or,
aigua, penyal i basarda.
Vinyes verdes del meu cor…

Vinyes verdes vora el mar,
verdes a punta de dia,
verd suau cap al tard…
Feu-nos sempre companyia,
vinyes verdes vora el mar!

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