Sky blue muslin silk scarf with flowers set against the background.

Size 180×55.

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Natural silk scarf with blue flowers, made of muslin silk and of sufficient size to fit the shoulder. Ideal as a fashion accessory for a party or cocktail dress and with the matching fan it is perfect.

This hand-painted natural silk scarf also complements your everyday outfit when wrapped around your neck or under a coat.

Muslin silk or gauze chiffon is a sweet and soft silk, a caress for body and soul. In addition, its transparency is a play on sensuality.

Sky blue is a tranquil colour that conveys security and calm. It also evokes the sky, the sea, the Mediterranean, the water waves and the light that is implicit in it, it highlights both blondes and brunettes very well and makes them elegant with discretion.

The floral design gives it life and personality and inspires a fantasy world full of subtleties.

Flowers bring us closer to nature and make us feel cheerful and vital. They also express harmony and balance.

Artists of all ages have expressed themselves through flowers. In Barcelona you just have to stroll around and admire the modernist architecture, enjoying the countless floral motifs so common in Gaudi’s work, which cover façades, mosaics, paintings and stained-glass windows.

Walking through parks and gardens or by a field of flowers invites us to dream of happiness.

This natural silk scarf with blue flowers can be combined with the fan. ACQUA FLOWERS FAN

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