Silk crepe scarf with large flowers and black painted background.

Size 150×45.

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Natural silk scarf with large flowers, ideal for any occasion day or night. For the discreet woman who wants to stand out from the rest.

I have made it with crepe silk because it is a silk with a lot of body and drape and allows the full range of colours in each flower to shine through.

This silk crepe scarf is a personal tribute to the world of fantasy and the beauty of nature. Large flowers are scattered over the whole surface of the scarf as if they wanted to claim their space, respecting each other. And with the black background, they shine on their own. In addition, each one has its own personality, its own nuances of colour that I have carefully degraded with the brush.

It is a pleasure to paint these flowers. I can understand so many artists of all ages who have been carried away by the vitality of flowers in their work. In my case, floral modernism has been a reference that accompanies me and from which much of the inspiration flows.

This natural silk scarf with large flowers can be combined with the EXOTIC FLOWERS FAN.

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