Silk crêpe scarf with golden shells and painted in different colours.

Sizes 180×45.

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Discover handcrafted elegance with our hand-painted natural silk scarf snails colours. Every detail reflects the skill and passion of our craftsmen, creating a unique and exquisite piece.

It is also a generously sized scarf ideal to wear on a special occasion as a complement to any outfit. It is elegant and extreme. Ideal for the demanding woman who wants an exclusive accessory with attention to detail. It also suits both blondes and brunettes.

Also, the silky softness gently caresses the skin, offering a luxurious and comfortable experience. The snails, drawn with precision and love, add a touch of vitality and personality to each piece.

This scarf has been made with crêpe silk, a silk full of body and falling. A silk of high quality that allows the colours to flow in all its intensity.

The gold-coloured snails have been handmade one by one and painted in different colours. They contrast with the background painted in two different colours.

The design of the natural silk scarf snails colours was born from synthesising two influences that have coloured my artistic career: the work of the contemporaries Gustav Klimt and Antoni Gaudí.

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