Silk and pear wood fan with blue trencadis design

Measures 42×23

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Discover the unique beauty of our modernist stained glass fan, a masterpiece of blue and white colours that captures the essence of the Catalan artistic style. This exquisite piece combines tradition with modernity, creating a visual mosaic that captivates the eye with its elegance and originality.

The midnight blue and the contrasting cava colour play together to create a harmonious and elegant contrast.

With a contemporary aesthetic, this fan is more than just a work of art; it is an expression of creativity and craftsmanship that transforms any space into a special place. Meticulous detailing and unique colour combinations make this piece a statement of distinction and style.

The fan is an increasingly popular accessory. It is no longer the exclusive preserve of mature women and more and more young girls and men are using it as an accessory.

It is a practical object to fan ourselves in hot weather, but it is also a decorative and collector’s item.

It has become a typical gift for the foreign public given our cultural tradition that comes to us from Asia in the 18th century.

This modernist silk stained-glass fan is made of pear wood, which is highly prized for its quality. It is also a wood that is strong and light, does not weigh and opens and closes very well.

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