White silk muslin scarf with a colourful geometric labyrinth design.

Size 180×55

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Discover the elegance provided by our natural silk scarf inspired by a labyrinth, paths that meet, cross, avoid each other and do not allow us to see beyond. This exquisite piece combines the unmatched softness of silk with a unique design that captivates the imagination.

Furthermore, the abstract labyrinth, which is skillfully woven onto the silk, is a work of art in itself. Subtle, intricate lines create a fascinating visual plot, reminiscent of an enigmatic journey through creativity. Natural silk, known for its delicacy and shine, makes this scarf much more than a simple piece of clothing; It is a statement of luxury and style.

This natural silk labyrinth scarf measures 150x45cm which allows you to wear it in different ways. It can be elegantly adapted to various occasions. Whether you want to enhance a formal outfit or add a touch of sophistication to your casual outfit, this versatile piece is your best choice. Its lightness and softness make it perfect for all seasons, offering comfort without giving up style.

I have made it with muslin silk or xiphon gauze because it is a sweet, airy and transparent silk, a caress that envelops the body and soul. In addition, it is refreshing on summer nights and warm in the coldest times.

Diversity of colours fill the figures that are created, offering harmony and balance to the whole.

Designed for a daring and original woman.

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