Handmade silk scarf. Midas of 150×45. Special packaging in a nougat box.


Brown and white nougat silk scarf.

Are you looking for a gift for the festive season?

Do you think that we already have the chance to succeed, despite the fact that every year it is more and more difficult to succeed?

Do you know what their favourite colour is? Do cool or warm tones suit you better? What colour is the coat? Here I am considering the option of giving a handmade silk nougat as a gift.

First of all, this nougat is a 150x45cm silk muslin scarf with a colourful print that goes well whether you’re dressed one way or the other. Secondly, it is a thin scarf, but warm in winter and cool in hot weather. Thirdly, it’s a very practical scarf that you can wear around your neck, as a belt or even on the head.

You have an endless variety of colours and shades and if you don’t find the one you are looking for, ask for the mix you like the most and I will cook it for you.

In fact, if you want me to write a message for you and you have just made the gift completely personalised, just ask.

This brown and white nougat silk scarf is also written with ingredients, instructions for use, washing instructions and expiry date. Small details that make the detail big.

An original gift that is sure to surprise.

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