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Discover the world of natural silk with our exciting children’s silk afternoon workshop! We invite you to participate in a unique experience where children will have the opportunity to explore the magic of silk while learning to paint and create their own personalised silk piece.

In this interactive and enriching workshop, participants will discover the whole process of creating a natural silk product. From the beginning to the final product, children will experiment with colours, textures and artistic techniques to express their creativity in a unique and original object.

They will learn about the different types of silk and how this exquisite material is turned into a finished product, becoming little textile artists.

This children’s silk tardas workshop not only encourages creativity and artistic expression, but also introduces us to the world of sustainability. Natural silk is an ecological and sustainable material, and children will learn the importance of valuing and preserving this natural resource.

At the end of the workshop, each child will leave with their own creation, a unique piece that reflects their imagination and artistic skills. In addition, they will take home new knowledge and an unforgettable memory of a fascinating experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to inspire your children in this exciting workshop!

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