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Gimkhana party silk

Organise a different kind of birthday party gymkhana, encouraging the creativity of the little ones. Would you seem To blow the candles between silks and fun?

The magic of natural silk comes to the little ones with our exciting themed gymkhana. We invite you to explore a world of soft textures, bright colours and fascinating stories in an event designed especially for young children. The natural silk gymkhana is a unique opportunity for them to learn and have fun at the same time.

Learning from a fantasy context the history of the origin of silk and enjoying the silkworms. We will have to pass some tests to be able to paint on this magical support and we will take away our work of art.

For groups of children. The activities are carefully designed to stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity. They will be able to touch and experiment with different types of natural silk, creating their own works of art.

Having a birthday is special and spending it with the best of friends, I can’t even tell you! But if you have fun and enjoy painting on a new support, what more could you ask for?

The children will be looked after by one or two people who are experts in plastic arts and qualified in leisure activities. The gymkhana on natural silk is a unique experience that combines learning and fun in the most exciting way. It is a wonderful opportunity for young children to connect with the beauty and history of silk, while developing artistic and creative skills.

3h of gymkhana, you choose the day.

20€ per person, minimum 10 children.

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