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Easter week camp

Exploring the Secrets of Natural Silk

Easter is a perfect time for learning and fun, and what better way to enjoy these days than immersed in the fascinating world of natural silk? Our camp offers a unique opportunity for children and adults of all ages to discover the secrets of this wonderful fibre and its production.

Learning by Watching and Doing

Silkworms are our little masters of nature, and participants will be able to understand how they produce their silk threads. It will be an educational and entertaining experience for the whole family.

Artistic Creation in Natural Silk

Not only will you learn about silkworms and their natural silk production, but you can also experiment with silk art. Also, your own silk artwork will allow you to express your creativity and take home a unique piece of your own creation.

Fun Activities for All

Our Easter Week workshop includes a wide range of activities in the silk painting workshop. Moreover, learning is an adventure in itself!

Reserve Today

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the world of natural silk and its magic this Easter. And places are limited, so book today and enjoy an educational and fun experience that you will remember forever and ever.

Come with us and delve into the universe of natural silk this Easter holidays. An experience that combines learning with creativity, and that will leave a mark on your soul. Don’t hesitate any longer and join us for this unique adventure. We are waiting for you!

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