Silk pongee shawl with coloured flowers

Measures 90×200

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I have made this natural silk shawl coloured flowers that allows the full range of colours in each flower to shine through in all their intensity.

This silk shawl is also a personal tribute to the world of fantasy and the beauty of nature. Flowers of all sizes and colours coexist with each other to achieve a harmonious and powerful balance. Moreover, no two flowers are alike.

I have painted the background black on one side and pearl grey on the other. But I also make different backgrounds: black and fuchsia, black and tropical purple…check what colours of backgrounds I have in stock or order yours and I will personalise it for you.

This natural silk shawl with coloured flowers is ideal for an extreme woman with personality.

It is a pleasure to paint each flower with different colours and shades and to let oneself be carried away by the brush and fantasy. I can understand so many artists of all ages who have been carried away by the magic of flowers in their work. In my case, floral modernism has been a reference that accompanies me and from which much of the inspiration flows.

This floral volcano is an explosion of colour that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

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