Natural silk and pear wood fan.

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Discover the subtle elegance of the sea winds with our natural silk sea fan, in a palette of colours inspired by the waves that christen the coasts. Turquoise blue transports you to crystal clear waters, while indigo blue reminds you of mysterious depths. This natural silk fan is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. It conveys tranquillity and makes you feel as if the sea water is all around you.

This fan, woven from natural silk, not only offers you a refreshing experience on hot days, but also reflects the serenity of the ocean. The softness of silk caresses the skin, providing exceptional comfort as you drift in the breeze.

The meticulously crafted details of each fan capture the rich colours of the sea, from light blue to the deepest shades. Each piece is unique, like the waves that dance to the rhythm of nature. A perfect accessory for any occasion, from romantic evenings to seaside strolls.

Bring your style to life with this functional work of art, a fusion of fashion and nature that highlights your elegance with the freshness of the ocean. The natural silk fan with the colours of the sea is more than an accessory; it is a vivid expression of your individuality, a constant reminder of the beauty of nature.

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