Silk and pear wood fan with coloured modernist trencadís.

Size 42×23.

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This natural silk fan with fuchsia flowers is elegant and goes very well with the scarf that bears its name.

Fuchsia is a color full of energy and personality. It denotes vitality and enthusiasm and is a very feminine colour with a hint of glamour.. In addition, the serenity of burgundy gives it balance.

Letting yourself be pampered by this bouquet of fuchsias can be very pleasing to the senses.

Flowers inspire life and are a gift from the nature that surrounds us.

The fan is an increasingly popular accessory. What’s more, it is no longer the exclusive preserve of mature women, and more and more young girls and men are using it as an accessory.

It is a practical object to fan ourselves in hot weather, but it is also a decorative and collector’s item.

It has become a typical gift for the foreign public given our cultural tradition that comes to us from Asia in the 18th century.

This silk fan is made of pear wood, which is highly prized for its quality. It is also a strong and light wood, it is not heavy and opens and closes very well.

Such a fan is a laborious task. First the silk is hand-painted, the colour is fixed at high temperature, washed, starched in order to pleat and assemble the rods. And everything is handmade.

This natural silk fan with fuchsia flowers can be combined with the scarf “FLORIS VITALIS SCARF“.

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