White silk muslin scarf with flowers of all colours.

Measures 150×40.

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Natural silk scarf with white flowers. Unique hand-painted piece.

The most popular season for this scarf is spring-summer. Even so, it complements very well tied on the neck in autumn-winter and gives a lot of light to the face when wearing dark-coloured outfits.

I have made it with muslin silk because it is a soft and vaporous silk, a caress for the body and soul. Refreshing on summer evenings and warm on cooler days.

I love to paint flowers in colours that inspire joy and well-being. Flowers that play and spread all over the surface of the scarf as if it were a dance. In addition, colour and more colour contrasts with the white, which has a light of its own and the gold of the profiles.

Artists of all ages have expressed themselves through flowers. In Barcelona you just have to stroll around and admire the modernist architecture, enjoying the countless floral motifs so common in Gaudi’s work, which cover façades, mosaics, paintings and stained-glass windows.

We are surrounded by flowers in art, fabrics and decoration, because flowers are the joy of nature. Strolling through a field of flowers emanates all kinds of perfumed scents and is a throb for all the senses.

In addition, this natural silk scarf with white flowers can be combined with the “EXOTIC FLOWERS FAN” and the “COLORFUL FLOWERS FAN”.

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