Silk crêpe scarf painted with bright colours and contrasting black.

Sizes 180×45.

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Natural silk scarf squares of many colours. This silk has a lot of body and drape, and is of high quality.

Also, the colours take on an intensity and brilliance that give the piece strength and consistency.

Ideal for a bold and safe woman of herself, loving the colors and shapes.

Suitable for a casual outfit by wearing it around the neck or at the waist. If you want to go for a more exotic tone, rolled up in the none it looks spectacular. Also, for a special evening, loose over the shoulders, it conveys vitality and does not go unnoticed.

The larger size may be necessary depending on the height of the individual woman.

This sling was created under the name of coloured windows, rectangular and unequal spaces that invite the colours to participate. Each window and each colour evokes different things, opening a window full of surprises to discover. At the beginning I left the black spaces in white but this evolves and the black allows me to emphasise the strength of each space, differentiating it from the other. I let a glimpse of the white of the silk where the brushstroke plays with confidence.

Those of you who know Mondrian’s work may be reminded of it. He played with fewer colours and the white spaces are very important in his works.

In any case, the result is an explosion of colours with life and personality.

As each piece is unique, the squares can vary a little in size and always playing with the same colours, it is important to know that they can be distributed differently in each window.

This natural silk scarf squares can be combined with the MONDRIAN FAN.

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