Silk crêpe scarf with golden shells and painted bruises.

Size 180×45.

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Natural silk scarf with blue snails. Design inspired by the spiral forms of Gaudi’s modernism. Size 180x45cm

Generous sized scarf ideal to wear on a special occasion as a complement to any outfit. It is elegant and extreme. Ideal for the demanding woman who wants an exclusive accessory with attention to detail. It also suits both blondes and brunettes.

This scarf is made from crepe silk, a full-bodied and draping silk. It is also a very high quality silk which allows the colours to flow in all their intensity, I start from white silk and it is hand painted from the beginning to the end. The edges are also hand-stitched.

This time we play with the blue, the colour of the sea and the sky.

Moreover, all symbolic associations with blue are positive. It invites calm, serenity and confidence. In many cultures it is the most protective colour. In the Middle East, blue-painted doors protect against evil spirits.

The gold-coloured snails have been handmade one by one, which contrast with the background and give it light and personality. I have painted the background in two shades of blue, which makes it more attractive.

The design of this natural silk scarf with blue snails comes from synthesising two influences that have coloured my artistic career: the work of the contemporaries Gustav Klimt and Antonio Gaudí.

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