Silk and pear wood fan.

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Natural silk fan Sagrada Familia.

Discover elegance and sophistication at every turn with our natural silk fan, a masterpiece inspired by Barcelona’s majestic Sagrada Familia. Its exquisite design captures the magnificence of Gaudí’s modernist architecture, fusing nature with divinity.

Moreover, this exquisite fan is much more than just a tool to combat the heat. It’s a functional work of art, which will transport you to the volutes and sinuous forms of Barcelona’s most iconic temple.

Our piece is adorned with modernist-style shells, each one crafted with precision craftsmanship to complement the beauty of the silk. What’s more, these exquisite details represent the fusion of nature and art, capturing the innovative and visionary spirit of the modernist era.

This natural silk fan is the perfect accompaniment to any occasion, whether it’s a stroll in the park or an elegant evening out. It is an expression of distinction and refined taste, fusing traditional craftsmanship with modernity.

Let yourself be seduced by the grace and splendour of this exceptional fan. Experience the fusion of art, fashion and culture in a single object, transporting you to the very essence of the Sagrada Familia with every elegant movement.

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