Silk and pear wood fan.

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Discover the elegance and subtlety of natural silk with our exclusive natural silk fan trencadís colours. With a masterful combination of fine silk and a vibrant crisp pattern, this fan is much more than a simple piece: it is a functional work of art that will transport you into a world of sophistication and style.

What’s more, this colourful natural silk fan is inspired by the Batik trecandis. A unique piece completely handmade.

In addition, the meticulously crafted colourful braid of this fan displays a mesmerising palette of colours. From the soft shades of pastel pink to the deep hues of turquoise bruise and the vibrancy of bright yellow. Each colour blends into the other, creating a captivating visual play, a symphony of hues that captures the beauty of nature and conveys it in every movement of the fan.

Finally, the natural silk, soft and light, is the complete backdrop for this masterpiece. It brings a sense of delicate luxury to every gesture. Its exquisite texture perfectly complements the colour pattern, offering a unique tactile experience that invites you to explore its softness with every step.

Let yourself be seduced by the seduction of silk and the vitality of colours. Experience grace and style with our natural silk fan. It’s the perfect accent to your personal elegance.

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