Fan of silk and pear wood.

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Discover elegance and exclusivity with the natural silk fan Casa Batlló. Each meticulously handcrafted piece is a work of art, combining natural silk and pear wood to create a unique fusion of beauty and functionality. This fan captures the essence of Gaudí’s modernist architecture and transforms it into an exquisite fashion piece.

Fan inspired by the mosaics in the courtyard of the Casa Batlló in Barcelona, a building designed by the architect Antonio Gaudí, the greatest representative of Catalan modernism. When you walk through this emblematic house, your eyes wander back and forth, leaving no corner to photograph.

One of the places I love the most are the ceramic mosaics in the outdoor courtyard. An explosion of colourful pieces playing with each other. A true marvel that has inspired this fan.

Casa Batlló is one of Barcelona’s most prized treasures, right in the heart of the Eixample district. A must-see whether you live in the city or visit it as a tourist.

Its façade is an extraordinary work full of colour and fantasy that does not leave you indifferent, but on the contrary, invites you to enter an unrepeatable magical world.

The silk fan is hand painted from start to finish and is assembled with exquisite quality pear wood to obtain an exclusive and unique product.

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