Silk muslin scarf painted with blue spots and the contrasting white of the scarf

Size 150×45



Blue natural silk flower that transforms into a scarf, a high fashion piece that adds elegance and distinction to any outfit. Soft and delicate in texture, this blue natural silk flower captures beauty and transforms it into a refined accessory that can accompany you on any occasion.

Silk muslin scarf, blue colour, size 150×45. Firstly, the natural silk we use is a luxurious and high quality material. Secondly, the colour blue, in this case, symbolises calm, serenity and elegance. Last but not least, it is a shade that combines perfectly with a wide variety of colours and styles, offering endless styling possibilities.

It is also a vaporous and soft silk, a caress for the body.

This is an abstract model based on coloured spots and can be combined with any casual outfit. That’s why it’s the most multifunctional scarf I have and I have it in many different colours.

It can be worn in summer as a sarong, as a belt, on the head, between the hair in a braid or around the neck in the middle of winter. It’s time to wear and enjoy a high fashion piece that reflects your sophisticated and elegant personality.

This blue muslin silk scarf is wrapped like a flower.




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